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Scissorlift Specialists

At Scissorlift NZ we have a fleet of late model, reliable machines at competitive hire and delivery rates. We specialise in long-term hire and look forward to meeting with you to discuss your project requirements. If you are looking for an easy access solution for your next project get in touch today.


From the big-name stores to smaller operations, many retailers find themselves relying on scissor lifts. Store and warehouse shelves are tall, and product is stacked up to save space. Scissor lifts can respond to the changing needs and products.

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Some aspects of horticulture require working high in the air, such as pruning. Scissor lifts are a popular option as they help workers accomplish tasks safely. Plus they are mobile and can be independently moved from one area to another.

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Truck and rail facilities around the country and the world have goods to reach, store and retrieve, often on different levels of a warehouse building. Pallets, roll cages, parts and people can be safely transported to another floor.

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On construction sites EWP are useful for quick and easy access to a variety of different project types. From small fit-out maintenance jobs to high-rise, industrial and commercial construction. Scissor lifts provide a mobile, versatile solution for dynamic construction projects that may have frequently changing environments.

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When storage is the name of the game, every vertical and horizontal inch of space must be used efficiently. Investing in a scissor lift for warehouses can open new areas for use or expedite the retrieval process. Similar uses exist in: Property management, Landscaping, Transportation management.

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An aerial platform can improve operating efficiencies by quickly and safely reaching high heights and lifting heavy loads. Busy hubs of activity generally include the tasks that scissor lifts do well with, this makes scissor lifts helpful for: Manufacturing, Chemical processing, Food processing, Brick-laying

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Overhead Signs

From individual establishments to property managers with multiple sites, the world is full of signs that change often. Rental of a scissor lift can alleviate many worries and headaches associated with making those changes.

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Many jobs around the railyard such as loading and fitting into narrow spaces to reach up high require the use of scissor lifts every day.

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If you’d like a quote or just have some general questions please feel free to contact us using the online form below or call us on 021432703 we’d really love to help you. We have a team of access hire specialists in Auckland.  If you would like us to pop in and see what you need just give us a call… It’ll be great to meet you.

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